Centro Sapiens is a project for the revitalization of the eastern region of Florianópolis historic center, making it a dynamic space of coexistence. From the publics and privates initiatives, it aims to transform the area into a pole of innovation focused on tourism, gastronomy, arts, design and technology.

Several actions are planned to make this transformation viable. One of them is the bill “IPTU Zero for Startups”, a proposal by the City Hall currently in process in the City Council, which provides for exemption from tax for new companies that settle in the region. Centro Sapiens foresees changes in the historic center, such as electric cabling, which will become underground, and improvements to the sidewalks, as well as urban planning as a whole.

In March / 2016 the Cocreation Lab was implanted, a collaborative workspace that works as a pre-incubator and has selected projects focused on the Creative Economy. The opening of Cocreation Lab featured a Creative Economy circuit that brought speakers with international operations in the area. The Cocreation Lab’s project selection announcement opens every semester – stay connected on the page!